Tuesday, 29 November 2011


What is your name? One of the cliche question that people usually ask you  in order to begin the conversation with the one that new to them. However, some people don't really like to expose their details to someone that they just know for the sake of security and privacy. In spite of that, me myself don't really have problem on that and i am easily open about it. By the way,  my name is MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS HJ OTHMAN. The name was given by my beloved parents which taken from one of the name of heavens.  I was born in Penang on 25th February 1986. I love reading and surfing the internet. I really love to seek knowledge and until now, i still seeking the knowledge by studying in DPP,semester 5 and i am taking  DEGREE OF MUAMALAT ADMINISTRATION(HONOURS).  By the way, my matric no is 198108. Thanks=)

My recent picture..
My friend and i, in one of the event that i've joined
My sweethearts...abah and mak..=)

P/S :Never say never !


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