Monday, 10 October 2011

Futsal-Futsal Muamalat

intimate relationship is highly demanded in Islam saying that Islamic self in your relationship and keep your neighbors and your neighboryour brothers. Forward in the club I mumalat uum and friends held a futsal tournament for strengthening the bonds of friendship among us. Even tired but satisfied laughter and play cause we enjoy it even if it is down 10 people is enough to make two teams. DPP tradewind team finally arrived to make us the spirit to play. Understood among the strongest team in sports DPP futsal but we do not admit defeat and terror, but the team defeated the team DPP Treadewind 12-7. Finally, we are champion.p/s: amacam??ade phm ka?aku senirik pn x phm langsung!sj test  cite aku klu  komputer terjemah jd lagu mana..lawak2..hahahahah~ totally translated by google!

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