Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I love my family..

If i were asked,what is the best thing in my life, for surely, i will say,my family. I still remember, years ago, when i was small, we were very poor. My parents worked as teachers.However,during that time,the salary for the teachers were not really good as nowadays but my mother always reminds me and my siblings,whatever happened to us,whether we rich or poor,whether we have money or not,don't steal other people money, don't cheat people and don't misuse the trust that given from them. They always encouraged me to study and study because they said, knowledge is very important and it can change us to be a better person.

Nowadays,Alhamdulillah...All of my sibilings have been entered the university,my eldest sister went to Universiti Putra Malaysia,my second brother went to International Islamic University Malaysia,same goes to two of my sisters and my youngest sister had been admitted to Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

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